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GüterHalle für Alle


The first step is done!

The neighborhood initiative was successful with its application in the tender of the city of Tübingen successfully:

In the heart of the Güterbahnhof district, a lively place for
Encounters, art and culture emerge!

The quarter now has the opportunity to help shape future events in the Güterhallen building and to set up a quarters room to build.

In order to implement this, the association GüterHalle für Alle was founded, which is dependent on support:

Donation for the planning and construction of the
quarters space

Spendenkonto: IBAN: DE51 6415 0020 0004 6399 96

Active or Supporting Membership
in the club

Links will be activated soon, please be patient. In the future, all news will be sent via ourNewsletterannounced, sign up if you are interested.
You may already be interested in club membershipherebe made known.

What's next?

until April 2023:
coordination with the city
Securing the financing concept
Specification of the building plan

until approx. autumn 2023:
Planning phase, building permit

construction phase

approx. spring 2025:
Opening of the GüterHalle for everyone

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sporadically appearing GüterHalle für AlleNewslettera.

Nächste Schritte

This is what life at the Güterhalle could look like later:

This is what life at the Güterhalle could look like later:


What could your offer look like?

Write us:gueterhallefueralle at gmail dot com

More information in ourconcept.


We stand up for

  • aMeeting and event roomfor the Güterbahnhof district

  • neighborlyoffers and eventsin the goods hall and on the district square

  • Rehearsal rooms, studios, workshops, shopsetc. in the Güterhallen basement

  • den Place for art and culture in Tübingen

Do you like the project?
Please support us!

You have the following options:

       Antrag auf Vereinsmitgliedschaft

Beitrittserklärung bitte per Mail an und im Original an folgende Adresse schicken:

GüterHalle für Alle e.V. c/o Daniel Prinz,

Hanna-Bernheim-Str. 24, 72072 Tübingen

If necessary, please confirm your email address in your mailbox.
Thank you very much for your support!


Who is the GüterHalle for All?


We are a newly founded, non-profit association made up of many direct residents and local social organizations: Asylzentrum Tübingen eV and kit Jugendhilfe eV. We are working to turn the currently vacant old freight station area on Eisenbahnstraße into a lively place and meeting point for people from near and far. This hall in the center of the Güterbahnhofsviertel, which may also become a center of the Südstadt and the city of Tübingen, should become a GüterHalle for everyone.

More information in ourconcept.

Photo selection of the goods hall and the basement rooms (May 2021):


Contact the association GüterHalle für Alle eV:  
gueterhallefueralle at gmail dot com

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