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GüterHalle für Alle / a Hall for All –
Search for Ideas and an Exhibition, Online and On-Site


... WHAT WOULD YOUR GüterHalle Für Alle LOOK LIKE?

Share your idea for a GüterHalle für Alle, a Hall for All, on one page,

use an audio recording to describe your idea in a few sentences,

Your Ideas

or, record a short video!

How do I imagine a Güterhalle für Alle , a Hall for All?

What should be in the GüterHalle für Alle?

What should the building complex look like, inside and outside?

With whom would I like to come here and whom would I like to meet ?

What should take place here? What offers would appeal to you?

What new things could come alive here?

With your voice or idea and through the exhibition we want to convince the city of the necessity and beauty of a vibrant, community oriented cultural center at GüterHalle Für Alle!

Take a look at the ongoing exhibition:
Your Ideas online exhibit
How to send in

Please submit your ideas… 

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More information:

What is the GüterHalle für Alle?

We are an initiative of Tübingen residents, including many immediate neighbors, who would like the currently vacant old freight station building in the Eisenbahnstraße to become a lively meeting place for people of all ages that welcomes people from near and far. We want to turn the existing hall and the surrounding building ensemble into a vibrant new cultural center for the Güterbahnhof district, the Südstadt, and the city of Tübingen. We want a place that attracts art, culture, and people – a “Hall for All,” a GüterHalle für Alle.

Why are we looking for your ideas?

It has not yet been decided what will happen to the building ensemble, including the hall. This large, vacant building ensemble is a huge opportunity! We have many ideas, but perhaps you also have visions of what the GüterHalle für Alle and the space in front of it (towards Eisenbahnstrasse) should look like. We are looking for YOUR ideas for the building in order to put together a colorful, multimedia exhibition. There are no limits to your imagination!

What can be part of the exhibition?

Quite simply: a DIN A4 (letter sized) sheet of paper or a series of several connected DIN A4 sheets, which may be filled with drawings, paintings, collages, or beautifully designed texts.

In addition, or alternatively, you may submit video clips, or audio recordings, or podcasts of a maximum length of 30 seconds with your ideas for the GüterHalle für Alle. The contributions may be spoken in your native language (please submit a translation into German) or be bilingual. We want to reach everyone!

What should the art objects, podcasts, and videos be about?

Ask yourselves: How do I imagine the GüterHalle für Alle in the Güterbahnhof area? What could happen here? Which events could take place inside the hall together with the adjacent open space towards Eisenbahnstrasse?

What would make you want to go and spend time here? Why and with whom would you want to get together here?

Think about what would inspire and attract you: What should the building complex look like outside and inside? What is your design for the GüterHalle für Alle?

Everyone can participate, old or young, with or without artistic ambitions, or previous knowledge.

We are looking for imaginative as well as concrete, realizable ideas.



We would like to present your ideas on the website of the Güterbahnhof neighborhood ( as quickly as possible and, hopefully, also in an exhibition in or around the Güterhalle. We will include your ideas in our application for a resident-friendly redesign of the currently vacant Güterbahnhofsensemble. 

Where and in what format can you submit your entries?

You are welcome to submit your contributions both electronically and on paper:

a) Mailbox

  • Drop the originals in the mailbox marked GüterHalle für Alle, which is currently located at the head building of the Güterhalle and can be reached via the ramp from Andreas-Mang-Weg.

  • Please provide your DIN A4 sheets with a legible name and e-mail address on the backside so your entries can be attributed to you. Please underline the part of the name you want mentioned on the website in connection with your piece. Please indicate if we should NOT mention your name on the website.

b) Online

  • If you want to submit the pages only electronically, please scan or photograph the DIN A4 pages in as high a resolution as possible (in order to be able to print them out for an exhibition, if necessary) and send the files by e-mail with the subject: GüterHalle für Alle – Exhibition to the following address:

  • If you want to submit files larger than 10 MB, please send them via a filesharing service, such as WeTransfer (, to the same address:

Project Duration

The sooner your ideas reach us, the more they can inspire others via the homepage and the better we can incorporate your ideas into our plans for an exhibition and the building ensemble around the Güterhalle. The search for ideas is an ongoing project, a date for an exhibition on site will be announced in time via the website.

Become part of the project with your contributions. We are looking forward to numerous ideas!

Your GüterHalle für Alle initiative

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